Version# 13.90
Date 64 days ago
File size 8178kb
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.90 ————————————————————————– – the algorithm of last hitting has been improved.
Version# 13.82 Date 67 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.82 ————————————————————————– – Added 1.26 support
Version# 13.81 Date 76 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.81 ————————————————————————– – fixed a bug that the storm.dll loader can not be correctly patched. – fixed a bug of camera feature.
Version# 13.80 Date 82 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.80 ————————————————————————– – Added 1.25B support
Version# 13.73 Date 115 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.73 ————————————————————————– – Fixed a bug causes game force close
Version# 13.70 Date 117 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.7 ————————————————————————– – Fix a bug which reduces success rate of last hit
Version# 13.60 Date 122 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.6 ————————————————————————– – Our new server is online. – Show enemy buff effects. – Added Dream_Config, now all hotkeys can be customized. Garena users can use original war3.exe – Performance has been improved a lot ** Please run Dream_Config.exe first to activate and config dreamdota. Dream_Config is a config tool only, once you saved your setting, no need to run it every time you start war3. **
Version# 13.30 Date 182 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 13.3 ————————————————————————– Fixed desync bug. Fixed a bug that dreamdota can not start on AMD processors that don’t support SSE2 instructions. added feature to dota score board: now enemy player gold amount will be shown, as well as each player’s last hit count.
Version# 12.00 Date 259 days ago
Comments Fixed a bug of showing a lot text when Zeus is unable to use ability.
Version# 11.00 Date 296 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 11 ————————————————————————– An error log has been added. If you encounter problems like desynchronizing, sudden freezing / lagging, check the file content and send to me. The file is under logs\dreamdota.txt added support to 6.68 heroes. – rightclick on friendly creeps is equal to attack them now. this means if you like to micro yourself, you can use right click attack for both hit and deny ! (in standard version you must use attack + left click to deny.) – use dagger toward somewhere far away will blink for 1200 distance, instead of 800. the algorithm of last hitting has been updated. also, now if you have a ranged hero, you can move the hero while holding down last hit key. Zeus no longer automatically use thundergod’s wrath. A tip saying «you can use it to kill» will be shown.
Version# 10.00 Date 326 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 10 ————————————————————————– Trial mode has been removed. Now user can choose to log in or enter game without dreamdota functions. – «Instant kill» notification: If an enemy hero can be killed by your hero’s ultimate skill or item, this hero will change color, depending on what hero you are using. Axe: if enemy hero can be killed by Culling blade, it becomes Red. Necrolyte: if enemy hero can be killed by Reaper’s scythe, it becomes Green. Zeus: if enemy hero can be killed by Thundergod’s wrath, it becomes Blue. Dagon: if your hero carries dagon, enemy hero that can be killed by it, become Golden. – Auto «instant kill»: if you are using Zeus and an enemy hero can be killed by Thundergod’s wrath, the spell will be used automatically if possible. – Improved cast range: Faceless void: now if you cast time walk to a location that is farther than spell effect range, the hero will use time walk immediately toward the direction for maximum distance. (Similar to blink toward somewhere very far). Previously the hero would first run there until close enough, then cast the spell. Morphling: using waveform to location far away, the hero will use waveform immediately toward the direction for maximum distance. – Spell dodge: (these were in version9: tinker missile -v9 witch doctor paralyzing cask -v9 sniper assassinate -v9 siren ensnare -v9 bounty hunter shuriken -v9) New functions in v10: Vengeful spirit (Magic missile) Viper (Viper strike) Skeleton king (Hellfire blast) Alchemist (Unstable concotion) Your hero will use skills that can enter magic immune mode or become invisible. also blink, dagger, bkb, lothar could be used.
Version# 9.00 Date 349 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 9 ————————————————————————– Function changes – Rune spawn message now only lasts 5 seconds. – VIP users don’t see logos on the map. VIP Features – Hotkey to set avoid spell on/off has been added: select an enemy hero, then press F5 to set on / off to avoid this hero’s spell. This only affects the selected one hero, meaning if there are pudge and mirana Select pudge and press F5 = don’t avoid pudge hook, but still avoid mirana’s arrow. Select and press F5 again to turn it on. – Added several spell dodge: tinker missile witch doctor paralyzing cask sniper assassinate siren ensnare bounty hunter shuriken If your hero will use skills that can enter magic immune mode or become invisible. also blink, dagger, bkb, lothar could be used. Fixes – Fixed a bug that functions are disabled after swap or switch.
Version# 8.00 Date 368 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 8 ————————————————————————– Customizable Key Now you can define custom key for last hit and score board toggle. By default: 256 (tilde) for last hit, and 515 (tab) for score board. Settings are saved on your local machine. Note that non-english keyboard layouts can have different value for each key. e.g. for German layout, the key to the left of 1 is ^(°) instead of `(~) and it has value 276, not 256. For further informations about key value, please visit: http://www.dreamdota.com/web/2010/05/keycode-mapping/?lang=en Now a hotkey to turn off DreamDota has been added: Pause Press pause, Dreamdota will shut down all functions including logos on the ground. Press pause again to turn functions on. Free Features – a simple camera feature has been added. Increase camera distance: hotkey «-» on numpad, max 3000 Decrease camera distance: hotkey «+» on numpad, min 1650 Change angle of attack between normal and vertical: hotkey «*» on numpad VIP Features – Now both rune spawn message and minimap ping on enemy hero location are set to off, at start up. You can turn it on / off with Hotkey: End
Version# 7.00 Date 372 days ago
Comments ————————————————————————– – Version 7 ————————————————————————– VIP Features 2 new VIP features (english version only) – Shows enemy hero location on minimap with ping signal with red or player color depending on ally filter setting – Rune spawn message reports location and type of rune when spawned unlike many maphacks, these functions are simple but safe and undetectable. Fixes – fixed a bug resulting trial version to desynchronize from game.
Version# 6.00 Date 373 days ago
Comments Free features: 1. Damage value / restore value display When a enemy hero got spell attack, The losing hp will be showing in numbers and Representative in color values: White – normal damage on enemy hero Yellow – spell damage or crit damage on enemy hero Red – all damage on your hero hotkey — «Home» (default is active) 2. Range coverage display display range rings around your hero Color depends on the map color settings: Enemy mode, shown in blue (side) Other mode, shown in colors from yours Hotkey » ~ » 3. Detection Maphack – Detection Maphack Click items (runes) – Detection trying to fill the bottle while he cannot see the rune – Detection transactions (maphack giving money) Detected will be displayed on the screen. 4. Display battlefield information Hotkey «tab» VIP features: 1. Auto Deny/Last hit Range hero: Auto search and try to last hit/deny the unit in the attacking range melee hero: Auto search and try to last hit/deny the unit in the 700 range Hotkey » ~ » (release the key, you can move freely) Additional features: When active auto last hit, and if the enemy hero into the range, it will auto hit him (Premise does not affect the last hit / deny) when active auto last hit,automatically transfer creep hates when active auto last hit,if you have no creeps can deny/last hit,it will auto hit creeps Few times 2. Automatic dodge skills Automaticly dodge the following spells – POTM elune Arrow – pudge meat hook – Venomancer Veno – Windrunner powershot – If you have a dagger, auto Avoid tidehunter’s Ulti – kunnka torrent 3. Micro operation Optimization There are many skills are needed to achieve the effect using mass micro operation, Auto intelligent micro operations – Hero Spectre Shadow Path state right after the move, automatically optimized for linear – Hero Panda after ulti automatically throwing stones to the weakest enemy hero and Blowing the most powerful hero – Hero strom after casting a spell, it will automatically attack to the weakest enemy hero 1 time – Hero Shadow Shaman cast a snake wards to a place, if the enemy hero very near, Will try to trap the target with snake wards. (Does not guarantee success) – Cross surround Control any four units, use the «move» to the target unit,they will try to get the target surrounded. Please continue click (M key) to the target unit
Version# 5.00 Date 374 days ago
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